Order Cancellation Policy

Calling our customer care will allow you, the consumer, to cancel your order within an hour of placing it and receive a refund of any advance payments you may have made (or) perhaps you can phone our customer care to cancel your order at any moment up until the cut-off time of the slot for which you have made an order. Orders for express delivery are exempt from this because they are processed and dispatched right away.

Return & Refunds

We offer a “no questions asked return policy” that gives all of our Delivery Ambassadors the right to return a product at the time of delivery if, for any reason, they are dissatisfied with the product’s quality or freshness. When a product is returned, we will take it back with us and issue a credit note for its worth, which will be applied to your account on the website. You can use this to cover your further buying expenses. Within 7 working days, the refund will be completed using the same online method.

 Only the moment of delivery will allow for the return of fresh goods. Due to product freshness, we will not accept returns after successful delivery. Please examine all of your products before returning them, and only at the time of delivery. Due to our policy, we will not accept returned products that have been washed. We guarantee that the consumer will receive the greatest quality at all times. If you are unhappy with our service or the quality of the products you receive in any way, please contact us as soon as possible in Contact Us 9176756209 or writing at

You Agree and Confirm:

  • That any additional fees for redelivery incurred by us will be charged to you if a delivery fails due to an error on your part (such as an incorrect name, address, or other inaccurate information).
  • In every situation where such information is requested of you, you shall give it in an honest and accurate manner. We retain the right to check the accuracy of any information and other details you have submitted at any time. If your information is confirmed to be false (completely or in part), it is within its sole discretion to reject your registration and prevent you from accessing the Services.
  • That the delivery address for the item you ordered will be accurate and appropriate in all regards.
  • That you’ll carefully read the product description before placing your order. You accept the terms of sale stated in the item’s description by making an order for a product.